About Us

Preetika and Prerna Chawla, or “The Chawla Sisters” as they’re often fondly referred to in the Mumbai Theatre Circuit, are both actors as well as producers. In fact, Preetika has her own production house called “Final Call Productions” that creates fiction content for the web space. How then, you ask, do they make pickle?

Their obsession with food and feeding comes from their mother, Rithu. Her multi cultural lineage and her father’s rank in the Indian Air Force made their childhood food experiences diverse. The recipe for the pickle (Coorgi with East Indian influences) comes from Rithu’s mother who picked it up on one of her husband’s postings. Known for their hospitality and, their home in Mumbai (they grew up in Delhi) has always been open to friends. And the kitchen, always stocked with their mother’s Pork Pickle, which they would generously hand out by the jarful to passers-through. The hopeless addicts the lip smacking Pickle created started to offer to pay for their next fix. And the gaps between the orders kept decreasing. Rithu, tired of spending her time churning out batch after batch of pickle on her visits to her daughters, threw in her apron and called a strike.

The Chawla Sisters had no choice but to wear the mantle of picklers and learn the recipe. So in August 2016, Pickle Shickle was born. And subsequently nagged and bullied into expanding it’s menu from just delectable Pork Pickle to Chicken, Prawn, Lotus Stem and Jackfruit variations. Ever since, they have been a recurring fixture, by popular demand, at multiple pop-ups across Mumbai and their rapidly growing, regular clientelle orders their chatpata-homemade-love-in-
a-jar of Pickle Shickle from the Chawla Sisters’ home kitchen. Since its been so well received, and they’ve been enjoying their experience of spreading the love so much, they’re super excited to explore the Burmese end of Nani's lineage and soon introduce condiments from that side as well. Fingers crossed!


• Ours is a family recipe, handed down over 3 generations
• We use no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
• We cook our pickles personally and in small batches to ensure quality, may we say they’re artisinal?
• Creative selection of main ingredient